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Pierre Francis

POP-IT lock

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The POP-IT lock ® is the simplest yet most cost effective cupboard lock on the market. It is designed to keep a double cupboard / drawer secure with just one simple device - a easy to fit bracket arrangement and the POP-IT lock head which fits onto the bracket. 

There are many so called 'cupboard locks' within the nursery and child safety equipment sector, however many are really only child resistant catches. Anything that releases the cupboard or drawer using just a finger is a 'catch' and as such, your child will eventually work out how to defeat it. A lock, which uses a separate release mechanism, offers an additional level of safety and security which cannot be matched by a catch alone.


POP-IT lock ® is supplied with a variety of brackets to suit different thicknesses of cupboard door and drawer front, and also to suit most kitchen designs. Whilst the lock is designed to secure a pair of adjacent doors or drawers, careful positioning may also allow you to secure 2 each, doors and drawers. 

A single pack of POP-IT lock ® contains:

  • Lock head
  • Lock head holder
  • Key
  • Key holder
  • 1x overhung mounting bracket
  • 4x mounting brackets
  • Mounting plate
  • Adhesive positioning tape
  • 2x mounting screws
  • Instructions for fitting and using

This product is critically acclaimed and widely used by UK local authorities in Child accident prevention schemes.

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